Welcome to The Chart House

This blog is an extension of Benchmark Counseling, Consulting, Education which is my private mental health practice.  I will be writing about Human Whole-Being while building upon the metaphor of navigation, surveying, and trailblazing as elemental to the constant state of change and adaptation needed for personal growth.

In my years as a mental health provider I have boiled “therapy” down to  a couple or three pretty basic understandings:

  • All of what we do, what we say, how we interact with others are all the sum total of what we have learned from the time we were born.
  • We all have character traits that when it comes right down to it, will not vanish, rather, we learn to work around the  negative aspects of our nature by developing offsetting strengths.
  • All change requires the ability to acknowledge those behaviors that interfere with our relationships and the way we feel about ourselves.
    • The ability to work through discomfort that comes with change.
    • The ability to use inner and external resources to assist us as we move on.
    • A good solid foundation of self knowledge to enhance the balance between humility and grandiosity.
  • There is a simple formula for setting our goals, meeting objectives, and choosing tasks that will drive us toward Whole-Being.

So, with this first posting in The Chart House, consider this ship christened and launched.  Welcome Aboard!

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