The Mindful Moment

When we embark on a leg of our journey, let us stop for a moment to look ahead, to scout what lay before us and contemplate how we will circumvent potential snares, and evaluate what we possess in terms of resources.  Our resources are stored in our memory and are charted as lessons learned from mistakes.

We are wise to revere what we have learned not only from our mistakes but what we have learned from others though a heady task is to identify our successes and what we did to achieve them.  Many of us require reminding by others of our achievements and our strengths while on the other hand, when left to our own devices, will either minimize or trivialize the value of our character as the sum of what we have chosen to learn.  We each have an inner critic that will work overtime in relentlessly reminding us of all the rotten things we ever did in this life.  It’s almost as if the message is an internal application that was installed early on and simply won’t go away.

This is what I say.  These negative cognitions have indeed been internalized from a very early age and in my experience it has been nearly impossible to make them go away.  BUT!  I have come to know the intricacies involved in how and when the messages interfere in my life.  This takes thought, self knowledge, and the motivation to take the time to learn how to offset their ability to trip you up.

Try meditation.
Take a mindful moment.  It only requires 10 or 15 minutes a day to start and once you learn the basics you will be able to turn down the static within your consciousness and focus  on what is positive about you and the circumstances of your journey.

You Tube is loaded with meditations.  I particularly like this one which you will find at this link.

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