Today’s Mindful Moment

When walking or jogging, bring the act of mindfulness into each step.  It is natural to become meditative in these activities due to the release of feel good endorphins (or endolphins, as I like to call them) spreading peace, calm, and levity throughout our mindscape.
Pay attention to each step taken, so that walking or running meditation becomes the catalyst for being mindful in all our movements throughout our day.
Let your attention focus fully on the sensation of your feet as you lift, move, and place them on the ground.  Be mindful of your level of exertion and use only the muscles needed as you pace your steps.
Scan your body for any hint of tension, especially in your shoulders, your face, and scalp.  Release the energy they rob from the muscles needed for each step.
You may practice walking/running meditation either outside or inside. While you’re walking, be aware of everything around you. Fplaced on your feet and on the movement of your body.
Pay attention to the sound of each foot making contact with the earth.  Be aware of your breath.
If any thoughts pass through your mind, don’t resist them. Simply let them come and go as you focus on your movement.
 Become aware of any sensations in your hips and back. Then become aware of your chest, arms and hands. Then finally move your attention to your head.
This might be the perfect time for you to try a body scan meditation.
Note that if you want to do a walking/running meditation outside, you should preferably do it in a park or somewhere safe, away from cars.
Wishing you peace and at-one-ment with your world.

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