Treatment option for addiction: EMDR Feeling-State Addictions Protocol

Good stuff here about the Feeling State theory of Addictions. I prefer the word Attachment to Addiction, nonetheless, we continue to evolve in our thinking and practices in working around compulsive behaviors.


EMDR is an evidence-based therapeutic technique which is most effective with treating trauma, but can be also used to treat a multitude of other issues. EMDR works to process powerful feeling memories that are “trapped” or “conditioned” in the brain. For example, the fight-or-flight survival responses (all of the feelings, body sensations, and beliefs) that occur in an individual during a traumatic event – these feelings then plague the individual, contributing to nightmares, feelings of panic/anxiety, or other symptoms of PTSD. EMDR helps to “uncondition” and reprocess these feelings so that these symptoms become greatly reduced and oftentimes can be completely resolved.

I first started hearing about EMDR being used to treat addictions this past September (2013) when I attended an EMDR training in Phoenix, AZ. The EMDR technique used to treat addictions is called the Feeling-State Addiction Protocol (FSAP).

The theory is that addictions (both behavioral and substance) are…

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