The Big Deal With ‘Little-t traumas’ | After Trauma

Source: The Big Deal With ‘Little-t traumas’ | After Trauma

I really like her point about Small T Trauma:  It’s not about the event, it’s about the experience.

Gently ask yourself:  Do you find that suddenly you are reminded by one or more of your “inner bullies” of something you did long ago that was really embarrassing or humiliating and then you start to beat yourself up for it?  EVEN though it happened eons ago, you know that no one cares at this point, and in spite of all logic, it’s almost as if it were happening all over again?  Do you wish you could go back and change the way things turned out and then feel guilty or ashamed of what you did?

This is one of the signs that you are affected by Small T Trauma.

Small T Trauma is cumulative, complex, and, well, we don’t really get over it.

BUT!!! Having said that, there are highly effective ways to learn to work around it and not let it govern your life and not be so invasive.

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