A Recipe for A Saucy Holiday

The Season of Light

What a wonderful time of year we have before us. As we welcomed family and friends to share a Thanksgiving feast we have before us the days of preparation, anticipation, and expectation. Nostalgia for past warm and lovely holiday experiences raise within us a sense of comfort and connectedness as ancient traditions are upheld and new practices are adopted to enhance our fulfillment of joy and light

A Sweet and Tart Holiday

How often have you promised yourself that “this year will be different”? With all that Joy and Expectation, the downside is that in spite of our best of intentions, strong emotions and desire to please with perfection often get the better of us. We spend too much, consume too much, and get sucked into friction and tension when expectations go unmet. By January 5th we are exhausted, broke, a few pounds heavier, and kicking ourselves for falling victim to unrealistic expectations.

This year, be daring. Think outside the giftwrapping. Be saucy, as in the Cranberry sort. Be Tart, as in setting limits and holding to them. Be Sweet, as in how you are among family and friends, just so to balance your newly found saucy side. Be a bit Nutty. I add walnuts to my Cranberry Sauce, just because I like them. I make the pieces large enough so that if you don’t like them you can just eat around them. Add your apples, limes, lemons, and oranges. Bring out the bitter-sweetness of Holidays Past. Be spicy. Cloves, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg contain properties that can relieve stress, support digestive functioning, and may improve ability to focus and enhance creativity. Take a mindful moment to absorb, reflect, and relax in the presence of these olfactory delights. And finally, when you go shopping for the ingredients for your saucy feast, go ahead an park your car farther away than normally from the entrance to the market. Get a hitch in your step as you walk into the store and parade up and down the aisles.  Active muscles and exercise help to keep the holiday boogey man away.

It’s the Season of Light: Lighten Up!

  • Play the music that arouses your spirits.
  • Dance in the Kitchen.
  • Decorate at will…or Not!
  • Allow for dust.
  • So your best serving dish is chipped. Big deal.
  • Wear jeans to dinner.
  • Invite positive elements into your gatherings!

Enjoy the Days Ahead

May Peace be a Welcome Guest in Your Home.

Cranberry Sauce

The humble Cranberry is one of the most powerfully beneficial enhancement to our diet, provided you aren’t allergic.  Good for the digestive tract, urinary tract, and contain copious amounts of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.  Inflammation contributes to crankiness, and who needs more crankiness this time of year?

All you have to do is follow the directions on the fresh Cranberry package. Then add the following:

Whole Small Lemon

Whole Lime

Half Orange

Half Granny Smith Apple

Chop the fruit, skin and all.

Half cup chopped nuts 




Simmer a couple of minutes. 

Chill. No, really, Chill!

It’s a good idea to make this the night before.


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