Mind Your Good Tidings

According to my kids’ Christmas lists, they think this parenting gig pays pretty well.   SarcasticMommy@sarcasticmommy4

Whoa.  The energy and momentum pushing toward THE day that lies ahead are gaining strength, aren’t they?

At this point, if we take our eye off the ball, Good Tidings of Joy could morph into a Joyless, emotions driven Tidal Wave of Overwhelming Proportions.

Just a few reminders, ok?

Take it easy.  Do a mindful moment to center yourself.

No good decisions or the best of gestures ever arose out of a cluttered or stressed mindset.

Be alert to emotions driven pressure to spend beyond the budget.

Guilt is the biggest culprit in driving overreach, overdoing, overspending, or overindulging.  It comes in the form of internal messages that convince you that unless you buy the $200.00 sneakers or the latest x-box gadgets  for your kid, you will forever be fallen from favor.

Hold fast!  You can do this.  Think ahead to January 15th when the credit card bills arrive.  Ask yourself, “Is overspending, overdoing, and overindulging the example I want to set for my children?”

Keep moving but not overly so.  Tend to traditions, and not to the extent that you are a slave to them.

Enjoy this day.  See you tomorrow.





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