Presence of the Every-Day Warrior

The Every-Day Warrior asks not how many are the enemy, but where they are present.

For so many of us, these days have become shadowy and murky,  though the spirit of  others’ light and  joy seems to be everywhere but within us.  A vast gulf separates what we see apart from ourselves and what lies within us.  We know where the enemy resides in the frontless battles being waged in our minds and we ask ourselves  How is it that though we promise ourselves to be uplifted by the spirit of the days, there comes a moment when we buckle and find ourselves in retreat?

Take heart.  Take a moment.  Be Mindful and Present.

For in the end, as Every-Day Warriors  . . .

We have learned that in returning and  rest we are  comforted and safe.

In quietness and confidence we are replenished and strengthened.

And when we allow ourselves to be lifted unto the presence of our Creator we can be still, and know.

Adapted from the Book of Common Prayer

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