Lessons From Traditions, Traditions From Lessons

In keeping with her family’s Christmas tradition a young bride  sent her husband to the butcher shop to purchase a ham to serve along with turkey for their big holiday feast.   Her husband bought it, had the butcher wrap it up and he proudly took it home.   Our young bride excitedly removed the wrapping from around the ham and was immediately dismayed and not too shy of panic.  She asked him why he didn’t have the butcher cut off the end of the ham.  Confused, our young husband asked his wife why on this earth she wanted the end cut off a perfectly good ham? 

She replied that her mother had always done it that way and that was reason enough for her.  Since the wife’s mother was visiting, they asked her why she always cut off the end of the ham.  Mother replied that this was the way her mother did it.   Mother, daughter and husband then decided to call grandmother and solve this three-generation mystery.

Grandmother promptly replied that the reason she cut off  the end of the ham was because her roaster was too small to cook it in one piece.

Moral of the story:  Let us define our own traditions and not allow our traditions to define us.


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