Why I Do Not Give Advice.

This is a great article concerning and clarifying the role of therapist as a facilitator of change and not an Advice Giver.  There seems to be a misconception that therapists are in the business of directing and advising our clients so that their lives will be better.  Why else would anyone seek help if not to receive advice?

About midway into my career to date I embraced the notion that You, my client, are the expert on your life.  That you are the one who comes to my office with concerns for your future and a desire to feel better about your life.  You also bring with you untapped resources that you have already drawn upon and have served you well in keeping your life from  getting worse.  Advice givers rarely seek to reveal your strengths, and only will tell you what you should do.  Kind of like a misguided, albeit well-intentioned 12-step sponsor.

It is a myth that therapists have the answers or that our mental health is better than yours.  A good therapist is active in helping you to ferret out your assets and applying these into a lifestyle of well-doing.




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