Trigger Warnings

This is a long-winded but spot on article about what’s happening on college campuses:  Trigger Warnings for Academia Nuts who believe in some sort of right not to be offended or get their feelings hurt.  As providers and instillers of hope and personal strength, this is a practice that does much to disempower students and promote pseudo fragility.  I took a class in Human Sexuality at the University of South Florida a couple of years ago and experienced first hand what it means to be confronted by a young student who felt that she should not have to listen to views with which she could in no way allow herself to hear.  What was even more astonishing was to hear a professor  actually run interference on behalf of the young graduate student majoring in Social Work.

What happened to healthy discourse?  What is going on in a culture that cowers from challenge and avoids confrontation with diverse concepts?

Oh promoters and facilitators of well-being and well-doing.  Do we really want to go down this road?

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