Mark the Date!

I will be presenting a webinar. “The Dance of Addiction” on Friday, March 11, 2:00 PM.

This is sponsored by the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association.  Hope to see you there!



The Dance of Addiction:  The Complexity of Addictive Disorders 

Date: Friday, 3/11/16, 2:00-4:00 pm

Presenter: Louise Sutherland-Hoyt, LMHC

Description: This timely presentation presents and addresses the complexities of addictive behaviors and discusses how “addictions” are not only interactive, they can be interdependent.  The course guides participants through results of research that demonstrates that treatment professionals seriously rethink treatment strategies by adopting a trauma-informed mindset and movement away from the Recovery Model.  Current theory as to how addictions are formed will be discussed and a proposed shift in the language of addictions is offered so as to conceptualize treatment of addictions within the context of mental and behavioral health.

Link to Register   

CE Broker Tracking #: 20-529886; Publishing #: 10-1752024

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and apply concepts of interactive/complex addictions.
  • Articulate understanding that chemical and behavior addictions overlap and often interdependent.
  • Advance knowledge and understanding of recent theory of how addictions are formed.
  • Expand awareness of recent treatment approaches.

About the Presenter

Louise Sutherland-Hoyt is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 16 years’ experience treating adolescents and adults with complex trauma and compulsive behaviors including maladaptive use of alcohol/other drugs and “process ‘addictions’”.  Louise retired from the State of Nevada 3 years ago and with her husband, Brennock, moved to Bradenton, Florida where she has a private practice.  Louise is an EMDR therapist and utilizes the Feeling State Addiction Protocol in the treatment of Compulsive Substance Use.

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