Some Huge Pioneer Work Happening in Walla Walla

Call me crazy, but each time I read something about how much money is going to be tossed at drug treatment and other mental health programs, I shake my head and roll my eyes that culturally, we still don’t get it.  We’re talking here about the underpinnings of self-defeating behaviors, violence, use of alcohol/other drugs, self-harm, and eating disorders; conditions that are hardwired in early childhood, reinforced into and through adolescence, and taken into adulthood and parenthood.

I look forward to the availability of the documentary described in this article and would encourage action in communities such as Bradenton, Florida, that are dealing with Opioid use epidemics and can’t seem to figure out how this could be happening.

Here is the link to the trailer.


“Paper Tigers” documents “trauma-informed” teaching

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