Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness month, though, I’d like to think that through a steady drip of conversations about mental health, and that includes compulsive use of substances and other behaviors, that we will become as alert to symptoms of inner unrest as we are of the common cold.  Few things stick in my craw more than careless tossing around of mental health conditions for the purpose of fending off personal responsibility in relationships.

If you are saying that your partner, parent, boss, whomever, is:




Always the Victim


In denial

Passive Aggressive


Self Centered

Overly sensitive

Ad infinitum

Ask yourself if, in fact, by labeling the other in these ways you, yourself, are deflecting responsibility for your own actions, what you say, and how you react to others?

Are these labels simply a defense against being somehow in the wrong?  And, if so, what is so wrong about being in the wrong?

My mother always used to remind us as we were growing up to “taste your words before you spit them out”.  While it is unrealistic to believe we are always going to be perfectly circumspect in our words, it is always good practice to continue to be open to new levels of awareness of what we are actually doing and saying.

Be well.




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