May I Share Your Story?

Wars Change, Warriors Don’t

                                               Steven Pressfield, The Warrior Ethos,2011
  • Are you a Combat Veteran or a Cancer Survivor?

  • Have you overcome Addiction, Trauma, and/or other Dire Circumstances?

    Your Stories and Insights Are Kindly Requested

    The Be-Attitudes: A Handy Guide for Every-Day Warriors

    “A Little Book About Ordinary Survival in a Complex World”

An award-winning Educator, Mental Health Counselor, Army Veteran, and Writer, I continue in striving to  enlighten treatment providers, students, groups, and individuals in the practice of Self-Care, Treating the Addictions, and Suicide Awareness, using a Trauma-Informed approach. 

With more than 17 years’ experience in the treatment of Trauma and Addictions, I continue to be endlessly inspired by my fellow veterans and my own patients’ ability to grow from their own traumas; those who draw upon personal inner strengths and build upon positive past experience and the influences of others.  From their stories of growth I continue to observe a common thread of key attitudes that drive each toward wellness.  I have come to call these traits “Warrior Attitudes”.

I am passionate about this work and now, building upon my own life experience in growing from my personal experience with trauma and addiction, I continue collecting stories of survival and challenge.  

I would like to know and include your story in my current project entitled The Be-Attitudes, and how your Warrior Attitude inspires you to go forward  and continues to drive your growth today.

  • What is it about YOUR Warrior Attitude that has seen you through the worst times, or saved you from yourself in the best of times?

  • Where did it come from?

  • Who are the people throughout your life who inspired you to shape the attitudes that define you?

Contact me today to learn how to submit your story and help to inspire others to grow from adversity.


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