“Addiction”a Learning Disorder

Definitely worth a listen!  When we say all behavior is learned, it is powerfully logical that this includes use of alcohol, another drug, or compulsive behavior as a source of relief.

We must continue to move away from the Disease model of addiction and, in fact, revolutionize our approach to treatment.


When Others Criticize

This was featured in Scientific American Mind, a great online journal of evidence based information about our very complicated minds.

When I listened to this podcast, boy, did I ever have to take heart, especially about the one person out of 100 that is only even slightly critical of me.

Implied here is that it takes loads of practice to rewire beliefs that we “should” care about everything others think and reroute the circuits to change “the rules” inside our heads.  It does require the skill of mindfulness and being aware of our reactions to criticism.

It’s only 8 minutes, and Dr. Hendrickson has a great presentation.