Labels That Give Me Heartburn

No, seriously.  There are some terms  that just won’t go away and have become, well, rather judgmental and I have deleted them from my vocabulary.

Ok, so the only time I mention a 12 step “recovery” group is to notify clients that if they are invested in an Anonymous group and it works, okfine.  Otherwise, and even though I myself achieved abstinence in AA, my approach to the “addictions”, which I now refer to as “attachments” is with Feeling State Addiction protocol, which is a form of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

As we thumb through these terms, it will be revealed why, when I hear them, I just (internally) roll my eyes and shake my head.

So here we go.


Co-Dependence.  John Bradshaw, Melody Beattie, are you listening?

In Denial

Inner Child

In Recovery

Any Anonymous group.

These are the biggies but I’m sure you have your own.

Please, please, share your thoughts.