The Every-Day Warrior

The Handy Guide for the Every Day Warrior is based on 5 simple truths that light the way toward well BEing.

Quite simply, when we say we want to create well-BEing, we must develop a lifestyle that involves well-DOing.  Within these 5 principles are suggestions for well-DOing to help you begin to create your own sense of well BEing.

  • The past  is always present.

“We can actually reconstruct our past by examining what we think, say, feel, expect, believe, and do in an intimate relationship now”.

Doing things that create awareness of how our past messes up with the here and now is the first step in learning how to manage posttraumatic stress.

  • The past is subject to change. 

“Nothing changes more constantly than the past;  for the past that influences our lives does not consist of what actually happened, but of what [we] believe happened.”     Gerald W. Johnson

While we cannot change the past, we can actually work to reshape and actually transform our experience of it.

  • We see things not as they are, but as WE are.

    Each of us tends to think we see things as they are, that we are objective.

    But Not Really

    When we open our mouths to describe what we see, we in effect describe ourselves, our perceptions, our paradigms. 

    Stephen Covey:  The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

  • Mindfulness of the Present is Your Compass to the Future.

This principle is, in my thinking, foundational to well-DOing.  When we become skilled at being mindful, we become adept at anticipating rough spots ahead and to intervene before we react in ways we regret.

  • Fitness of Body and Mind is Foundational to Higher Functioning.

Exercise positively affects executive functioning, reaction times, and analytical skills.  Being fit enhances our creativity and ability to solve problems,

In the days ahead, I’m going to fill in the blanks and to solicit feedback from you as to what works for you in managing trauma.

© Louise Sutherland-Hoyt, 2015

Stay tuned and have a mindful day.

2 thoughts on “The Every-Day Warrior

  1. Terri Sutton

    This is awesome. tyvm for sharing this with us!!!!
    Disabled veteran . Have not worked since 2000. Army Sp4 Cargo Specialist 1984-1987


    1. Louise Sutherland-Hoyt

      Thank you, Terri. I am setting up an Every-Day community forum that will be confidential and to promote discussion. Please share this with others whom you think would be interested. Salute.


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